Child of the 80's.


Some days, in order for me to show up, I’ve got to dress up. Confidence starts within and when I feel good, I perform even better!

We’ve had a rocky start to the week with a sick little one and very little sleep but we’ve hit our midweek stride and I am grateful for that. Yesterday, however, I was running on 2-hours of sleep fumes as was my Lola. Blame the incessant coughing from a nasty little school virus but I knew we had a busy day ahead of us and if I was going to run on all cylinders, I needed to do my hair, my makeup and get DRESSED. Copious amounts of caffeine help, too.

Needless to say, Lola killed it by showing me she is the ultimate trooper and attended one city meeting with me as well as sat in on numerous conference calls coloring away or climbing up for a snuggle. She’s a good kid and quite honestly, I think she enjoyed having mom all to herself. Can’t say I was bothered by it at all either!

Calling all moms: you are not alone. We are doing our best trying to balance life, work and family and it’s rocky, that is for sure, but it’s possible to be productive and nurturing even whilst rocking a good pair of heels and ruffles. Here’s to you grinding it out and I hope you are having the most fabulous Fall week!

Exact outfit details linked below. The boots and dress fit 100% true to size and are comfortable; under $100. Enjoy!