Calling all shopping MAVENS!

Clip. Share. Earn. Who doesn't like the sound of those three magical words? I know I do!

As we head into Fall, I've always got my eye on two closet staples...always. Slick ankle booties and sweaters! Meet my friends, Maven. Imagine if RewardStyle and Pinterest had a baby...that's the hybrid machine that is now called Maven. But different. Better. And open to any and all who have a love for shopping. Consider this the shopping website antithesis to "Mean Girls" if you will. 

What I love about Maven is the more I "clip," which; is the equivalent to "pinning" on Pinterest, the more I earn. In essence, when I create a board and share on my social channels, the greater the impressions or people view my boards which increases my probability of earning. I share and you purchase items from my boards. Perfect timing for the holidays...who couldn't use a little side cash?

The best part is that Maven is not limited to fashion only. You could create boards for babies, home decor, electronics and more. My friend even created a board for her 5 year old's birthday wish list. Genius. What comes next? You guessed it...she shares with her party attendees. You could become a personal shopping concierge for just about anyone!

Above is a board I created for Fall ankle booties that I am obsessing over and below is my Fall sweater board:

It was easy and my favorite feature about Maven is that they pay out my commissions in 30 days. The more I clip, the more I earn. You can even earn commission on the boards that your fellow mavens share that you've created. Simply install the "Mavelet" tool into your navigation bar and start clipping! Easy peasy.

I see this as the ultimate tool for husbands who are stumped at birthday/anniversary time. Gosh, I'd use it as a virtual board for furnishing my living room...which we are in the midst of as we speak. The sky's the limit! Which begs the question...

What do you have to lose? Join Maven today and sign in with your Facebook account!

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