Beauty 411: Wellness Nail Spa

I try to keep up with my nails...I really do. It's usually pretty obvious that I'm a "DIY Spa Gal" what with the smudges and knicks but sometimes it's nice to leave it to the professionals. I'm ashamed of how rough my feet and hands looked this summer. Okay truth, I got one manicure and one pedicure the entire Spring through August. 

I know...who is this girl? I birthed a third baby and it's my business - Oak St. Social. That changed one seasonably warm day this month when I was treated by my friends at Pretty Quick to a spa pedicure at Wellness Nail Spa.

With over 3 locations, two of which reside in Chicago, Wellness Nail Spa makes it easy for the woman-on-the-go to squeeze in a few minutes of "me time" amidst the chaos we call life.

I'm confident that my nail tech could read the "How long will this take because I have a conference call in 45 minutes and a kid to pick up..." expression on my face as I feverishly started replying to texts and emails. 

My treatment commenced with my nail tech ushering me over to the polish station to select a new hue. I chose a dove grey from a carefully curated wall of nail lacquers. From there it was total R+R. I worked on my social media checklist while my nail tech buffed, scrubbed, massaged and painted my tired feet into piggy perfection. I was surprised at how quickly the service felt but I did, indeed, receive a full 60 minutes of undivided attention from my soft spoken, sweet friend.

Without a moment's hesitation, she picked up my bags, shoes and miscellaneous cords to walk me over to the drying station. I chatted a few minutes with JB, the kind, modest owner of Wellness Nail Spa, and relaxed as my polish set. Daydreaming away in a quiet Lincoln Park street is not the worst way to kill an hour of unadulterated bliss, let me tell you.

After 15 minutes, my nail tech swooped in once more to apply dry oil and assisted me into my heels. Just like that I was back to the daily grind.

Wellness Nail Spa is the perfect destination for a quick escape from the daily demands of being a mom and career woman. I even got an earlier appointment pleading for an opening of which they were happy to accommodate. With all of life's pressures, it's the ideal way to unwind even if just for a short hour before returning back to reality.

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