I LOVE to entertain. Truly. I love to brainstorm intimate soirees with friends and family that have a zillion thoughtful touches and details. The last few years have been so busy launching a new business that I chose to be extra grateful this year and bring back my Annual #Babesgiving Brunch.

I love hosting a brunch because I don't need to overthink big entrees with loads of sides. It's simple, somewhat healthy and heavy on the champagne. Isn't that what all babes want? We can all look forward to feeling uncomfortable on Thursday. Am I right?

This year I wanted to treat my suburban ladies to not only a brunch but a thoughtful goodie bag filled with items that pamper but also items that have a meaning. One of the joys of collaborating with amazing brands all year long is that I can call upon those long standing relationships in honor of expressing gratitude for those that I love...and they are happy to oblige!

All in, it was a sweet morning filled with laughter, serious talk and more, "Let's do this again!" I wouldn't change a thing so enjoy this little preview. Tomorrow I will be diving in a bit further to show you close up details of my babe bags. 

Happy Monday and safe travels to all those that begin their Thanksgiving journey tomorrow. Special thanks to my dear friends who took time away from their families to celebrate friendship and most of all, to my husband who planned a fun day with my nuggets so that the moms could enjoy themselves free of interruption. He really is a keeper!

Images and video by: Helen Berkun

Goodie bag sponsors: Mojo Spa, Grenville Society, Glamour Dolls Makeup