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Career: How to prep for a TV segment. <11 tips>

One of the things you asked for when I polled my Instagram audience was more career how-to's and advice in 2018. Ask and you shall receive!

I just wrapped up my first television appearance of the year. With any luck, I will be doing more to help promote my company, Oak Street Social. TV can be exciting and an adrenaline rush but it can also be nerve-racking and stressful. Does it have to be? The answer is no! 

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Going gluten free. Products I actually LOVE to eat + why.

Let me start by saying that I am not a physician. Not even close. But I can say that for almost 37 years I struggled with food, digestion and the feeling it left me. I have a great relationship with food. I love it and I love to try new things BUT gluten and I were never meant to be friends and that epiphany hit roughly two years ago when I grew tired of the bloat, the gas, the bathroom issues and the overall appearance of looking like I was in my second trimester 24/7.

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2017 learnings + epiphanies.

2017 was a difficult year for many people that I genuinely love and care about. In fact, it felt like the world was somewhat turned on its head with everything ranging from natural disasters to horrible tragedies to the ugly truth behind "me, too" in the media. Hard to watch, hard to listen to and hard to put one foot in front of the other when you're left wondering what you can do to help. What I did love about this year is that we all spoke up. It's a positive change and yes, the topics were taboo but so what? Let's get it all out on the table, I say!

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Sundays Made Simple: Homemade Apple Chips

Today I am sharing a super simple recipe that you can whip up in minutes. I stumbled upon it by accident and within an hour we had a healthy recipe that was equally delicious. It's perfectly Fall with something to satisfy your sweet tooth which I am currently battling. <thank you Halloween...cough, cough> 

Give it a spin and let me know what you think!

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How much growth can you handle?

Today I do not feel like I want to post about fashion. Today is one of those Truth Tuesday posts. I've been reflecting quite a bit about all the change 2017 has brought. Some of it has been pretty fabulous while others have been quite stressful. With only two months to go, I can safely say that 2017 was not one of my favorite years and the word on the street is that many people feel the same. 2017 was a year of change. 

And 2018...if you're better bring it!

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Life according to Instagram lately...

It's always fun to look back on the last 30 days and review life as we know it. Fall is such a busy time of year. It usually leaves me breathless but in the best way. It's been so long since I've done one of these that I felt today appropriate. I've had a bit of a black cloud over my head as of late but TODAY the sun is shining and it's Friday!

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