SelfMade Speed Round - Tali Kogan


Today's self-made babe is full of positivity. She is a bright light in any room which is not easy to come by. She's fashion forward and unforgiving but she owns it and that's what I love about Tali. Something tells me her business is just about to explode so take a read below.

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  1. What’s the name of your business? Tel Aviv Couture

  2. Two sentences or less...what is the goal of your business? To combine fashion and Israel, two things I hold near to my heart.

  3. How long have you had your business? Since 2007

  4. What was the hardest part about getting started? Gaining exposure and marketing

  5. What is the biggest triumph you’ve experienced thus far? Giving birth

  6. What’s for breakfast? Boiled eggs and veggies

  7. Kids - yes/no and if yes, how many/ages? Yes, 2! Katya, 6 and Leonix 2

  8. Workout? What do you love to do? Yes! I try to workout as often as possible. Yoga is a favorite.

  9. Favorite snack? Apple and kale chips

  10. Favorite guilty pleasure? Desserts, anything with chocolate and ice cream

  11. Best vacation you’ve ever taken and why? Mexico because of the quality time I was able to spend with my gang

  12. One must have item in your purse? Lipstick

  13. Go-to everyday uniform? Denim and white shirt

  14. Favorite luxury beauty product? Dior Highlighter

  15. Favorite drugstore beauty steal? Neutrogena Face Wipes

  16. Milk or dark chocolate? Dark

  17. What did you want to be when you grew up? Actress

  18. What’s your party trick? Killer party outfit

  19. Name one destination on your bucket list? Japan

  20. Favorite TV program? I don’t watch TV

  21. Beyonce or Jay Z? Beyonce

  22. Wine or cocktail? What kind? Vodka martini with a twist

  23. Your friends’ nickname for you is? My Russian name, Tanya

  24. What’s next for your business? Secret, but will be revealed soon

  25. Pets? What kind/name? No pets

  26. Favorite neighborhood in Chicago? Gold Coast

  27. Podcast listener? Which one? Yes, when I drive. The Style Success Podcast

  28. Biggest pet peeve? Negativity

  29. What’s your sign? Taurus

  30. What’s your favorite quote? Dream big, work hard and make it happen!

Thank you Tali! xx