90's child.

Another mother just informed me today that this week is the last week of gymnastics for the girls. Since I am always on top of my game; this came as no surprise...NOT! What? The last week of camp? That means summer is coming to a close which is just utterly depressing!

So guess what? I'm gonna rock this off the shoulder crap real hard until leaves start falling. As they say...deal with it!

Being the 90's child that I was, I was so bummed when these bad ass shorts didn't arrive in time for the Guns n' Roses concert we went to. How perfect would they have been? Sartorial dammit. And yes, I feel like cussing a whole lot today!

I'm not even in a bad mood. Maybe just a little antsy now that I'm realizing the summer is drawing to an end? I still have so much to do. I'm sure you do, too. This means less working in the evenings and more play!

Perhaps a bit more sunburn, too. Just kidding! I didn't say that. Okay, I did but mom forgot her sunblock last week. Oops. Not the girls; just mine. 

So let's get back to that bucket list. What's on yours? This is what I have left to do this summer:

  • Sell, sell, sell at my garage sale this weekend
  • Take the kids to a water park
  • Take the fam to town carnival
  • Plan a fall trip
  • Plan Lola's 4th birthday
  • Strawberry picking
  • More pool time
  • Host a sleepover with all their besties before school starts (I might regret this)
  • Take some yoga classes
  • Plan some spontaneous happy hours with friends
  • Hit the Randolph Street Market
  • Explore Maggie Daly Park and meet dad for dinner in the city
  • ...and much more off the shoulder goodness!

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