21 Gift Ideas for the Pooch

Hey guys. Today's post has a more serious tone but I wanted to end it on a positive note. Meet my pup Lucy. She's actually turning 11 pretty soon. These pics were from her first week with me when I lived in the city. She's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen as far as puppies go. Sorry...#notsorry. 

Well, we've had some unfortunate news. We found out two weeks ago that our dear Lucy has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Following Thanksgiving, we had an 8am appointment for her tumor to be removed which ended up being a lot larger than expected. Needless to say, our surgeon still wants her to undergo ultrasounds and chemotherapy. It's been a lot to digest. Frankly, who cares about us...it's been like having a newborn all over again. She's in pain from the surgery, quarantined for little to no activity and a post-operative mess. I'm sparing you the details because it's not pretty.

Our hope is that we've bought her a couple more years and our goal is to give her a ton of extra extra love hoping that she surprises us all. On that positive note...today's post is dedicated to man's best friend. And our Lucy. 

Here's 21 great pet products to gift your fur baby this holiday season. Don't forget extra treats in the stocking, too! (in the meantime, we'll take all your good vibes and prayers so please send 'em our way!)

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