I realized something about myself over the long weekend. My aesthetic has changed once again. I'll always be an early adopter of trends but I now know, in my late 30's, what works on my body. I can pick out the versatile pieces that will allow me to mix and match 2-3 different outfits vs. being limited to one look. While I've had a lot of fun with fashion, I decided it was time to trim my closet of the unnecessary and execute a major Poshmark Holiday Clean-Out. The perk? Mint condition items that have barely been worn at bargain pricing for you guys!

Like this outfit, it's become my signature. Tailored trousers, an interesting top and just the right amount of accent pieces. Like the occasional statement necklace which I still collect and hang affectionately in my bedroom. 

...it's all about the details isn't it?

I'll pair this basic tee with jeans to joggers. These trousers...with chambray, plaid and sequins. They are beyond comfortable and for the price? Pshhhhht. I'll take one in every color!

You'll never go wrong with a basic, pointy toe black pump. Never. This pair multi-tasks from meetings to holiday soiree quite nicely. And that, my friends, is the new and improved Johanna. Slightly more tailored but always with a conversation piece.

Shop my outfit below: