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Sweater Haul Part II

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have declared myself a sweater connoisseur of sorts. All in the name of research, my friends. This coupled with how many of you loved my last sweater post…I’ve decided to bring you a second edition. All under $100 and oh so chunky, cozy and perfectly soft. I’ve tried and tested almost all of these in person or ordered so I could speak authentically to my fellow shoppers. See what I do for you? The one I am wearing is a whopping $34!

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Child of the 80's.

Some days, in order for me to show up, I’ve got to dress up. Confidence starts within and when I feel good, I perform even better!

We’ve had a rocky start to the week with a sick little one and very little sleep but we’ve hit our midweek stride and I am grateful for that. Yesterday, however, I was running on 2-hours of sleep fumes as was my Lola. Blame the incessant coughing from a nasty little school virus but I knew we had a busy day ahead of us and if I was going to run on all cylinders, I needed to do my hair, my makeup and get DRESSED. Copious amounts of caffeine help, too.

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Closet staple: the camel coat

Recently I got a request from my IG fam to assist in scouting affordable and luxe camel coats. Always up for the challenge, I happily accepted the request because A. I love camel anything and B. the season is upon us. You’d be surprised how many amazing options are out there without breaking the bank. I was kind of astounded myself. Natch, my next thought was… “I need a camel coat!” But then I remembered that my husband would murder me so I chilled out and decided to help you all out instead. I am giving like that.

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Show your stripes.

Last week, my youngest approached me while getting ready for school and lifted up her shirt in the mirror and said, “Mom, I look bloated.” At that moment, I thought to myself, “My god…you have got to stop talking about your body, Johanna.” There I said it. I do all this work on the sidelines but the person who least appreciates it is…ME!

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