One tequila. Two tequila. Three tequila. Floor!

Hi folks! I just returned from a stint in Guadalajara, Mexico with some amazing Chicago influencers. I cannot wait to share the 4-day recap with you...but that's going to take some time to curate. On the other hand...now you understand my radio silence last week. Sorry...#notsorry. It was AMAZING!

In light of the above, I am sharing one of my casual, day looks straight from our rodeo day in Mexico. It averages about 98 degrees this time of year so the less layers - the better! My sandals are a steal at just $10. Let's just say I purchased three pair. And, I love me a good pair of frayed, cut-offs but these come with patches. Can I get a heck yeah!? Finally, I'm still on the cami kick and I hope you are, too! My last cami post was here so consider this the dressed down version. All of the camis I selected are under $30. What's not to love?

I will easily be wearing this look on errand days or on the weekend because it fits my lifestyle: active, casual and with a side of sass. C'mon Summer!

Shop my exact look below: