Sandal shopping. <30 pairs for your summer wardrobe>


I feel pretty confident that women all around the Midwest are rejoicing at the sight of sunshine and blooming flowers. That only means one thing to us: sandal season.

Every year I retire or toss away the old pairs and restock the basics. This year I held off because I took advantage of end-of-season sales but that doesn’t mean you have to! Today I’ve rounded up 30 seriously AWESOME pairs in various heel heights and pricing. I’ve scoured the internets just because I love you. Might I add that this post took three days to put together because a girls needs variety!

Two trends I am loving:

  1. clear sandals

  2. white sandals

There so many affordable, on-trend options for both so you are in good hands, my friends. And a final note, I’ve come to embrace the flat. Not because I am having foot problems but simply because there are so many cool styles including a slew of leopard print. I hope you enjoy!

Happy shopping! xo