Our journey with Advanced Laser Aesthetics.


Great skincare, anti-aging and invasive treatments are a part of aging and if there is one message I could stress it’s that knowing and trusting your medical professionals is absolutely paramount. Just as it’s important to know what we are consuming or putting into our bodies. Medical technology has advanced so much that surgery is no longer a requirement which makes life quite simpler and more affordable.

Given the above, this year we tackled one of my husband’s priorities. Tattoo removal. He had so many unknowns: Who would he go to? How bad would it hurt? Would it be incredibly costly? Will the tattoo be entirely removed? etc…

All of this changed when we formed a partnership with our local medical spa, Advanced Laser Aesthetics. This team of professionals have single handedly changed my skin into a more hydrated, youthful appearance but they’ve also become our trusted friends in beginning the tattoo removal process. Truthfully, I couldn’t believe how easy, semi-painless, affordable and quick the results would be. I think I speak for both of us.


To kick things off, we spent time with their amazing esthetician, Beata, who gave my husband a thorough consultation ensuring all of his, and some of my, questions were answered. We never felt rushed and she was more than happy to work out a plan that suited our family. Once we agreed upon next steps, my husband dove right into his first treatment. I don’t know why I was surprised but I guess you know when you trust someone!


The process begins by freezing of the surface area. My husband chose to tackle two of his favorite masterpieces. Brave man! The PicoSure technology is amazing and adept at finished the job quickly with minimal pain. Once the area has been cooled, the laser technology begins to breakdown the ink particles creating a faded look with each and every session. Each tattoo took about 10 minutes from my recollection.


You can really begin to see the difference. He is currently signed up for eight sessions and they are spaced out by six weeks. I’m excited to share this journey with you in hopes to dispel common misconceptions about tattoo removal and just how easy the process can be.

…and I’ve got something for all of you because Advanced Laser Aesthetics doesn’t just specialize in tattoo removal. They are my go-to for microdermabrasion, peels, medical grade facials and so much more. See below for the special discount I scored for my readers.


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What do you think? What’s on your skincare bucket list? Anything I can answer?