I see the light!

Truth: My current glasses felt like they were squeezing my brains out of my skull. Within one hour of wearing them I would have indents on the side of my noggin and a headache.

That doesn't sound too fashionable does it? For that reason I got in the bad habit of sleeping with my contacts in overnight because I hated wearing glasses at home. Pink eye...is that you?

That was until this past weekend when my shiny, new Firmoo specs showed up on our front doorstep. 

The process could not have been easier to order up online and there were so many fun styles to choose from. Admittedly, I was a tad leery of ordering prescription eyeglasses online...sight unseen. (pun intended)

Can I just tell you it was a cinch? Enter your prescription axis', measure the distance between your eyes and you're off to the races!

Look at me now! I can see! I can read! My eyes are no longer dry when I wake up and the best part - my brains are in tact. They fit so comfortably and I love the contrasting B&W frames.

If you're a new customer you can earn up to 50% off sitewide by following this link! That's a deal worth seeing through! Happy shopping! xo

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