Full steam ahead to brighter days!


I haven't been able to bring myself to write three blog posts lately because I've just been so spent. Last week was brutal. The ideal of being creative on demand was not even remotely interesting to me but this week is a new week. Ever have one of those? I suppose I was due.

I am a firm believer of Mercury in retrograde and fancy that, it really was last week. I swear to God this stuff is real and from the looks of my Instagram feed, many others felt it, too! Luckily I was able to end the week with a fabulous event in the company of friends walking the runway for a mega-talented local, designer babe. You can catch the details on my feed. Funny how a night amongst the ladies and my husband can carry me through one more work day, which is just what the doctor ordered.

Our weekend was laid back and honestly, that was fabulous, too. We caught up on TV and lounging. I hope this sets the tone for weekends to come but we are now in the activity stage of parenthood hence all the lessons but it was still relaxing! 

If you're a local Chicagoan, Oak Street Social has a few more tickets to our Influencer Marketing seminar this Thursday, 4/12. Tickets can be found here! It's a comprehensive one-hour session led by my partner and I focused ENTIRELY on influencers. How much it costs...the works. Join us - tickets are affordable! 

I plan to make a few more appearances this week and get back into the swing of things so thank you to those who have continued to leave comments and visit. I appreciate YOU! Hope you are having a great week, too!

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