Fearless Friday: 5 apps that every #girlboss should own!

Today's installation is all about efficiency. And while my #girlboss apps might be slightly different than yours...the common denominator that we have is that we need to be The Masters of Multitasking! Yes, we need to simultaneously drive, schedule a doc appt, order dinner, participate in a conference call all the while racing to pick up our little ones from ballet class. 

Here are the top 5 apps that I use almost daily making my life a little easier and my stress levels a little more manageable. I hope they help you!

A Color Story: This photo editing app just launched this week and I adore it's layering effects. Because of my social media company, editing on the go is a must for nearly every image we post let alone my blog photos. The colors are more vibrant and crisp and it's incredibly intuitive. You know I love me some color!

Right Sign: This app is pretty straight forward. Oak St. Social has moved towards electronic contracts and more importantly, signatures to ensure a speedy return. Let's be honest, this app is all about obtaining the Benji's as quickly as possible. Don't you hate scanning and emailing back? I do!

Radish: I attended a media event in November for this new-to-me company and I just fell in love with the delicious good-for-you cuisine. The founders couldn't be more humble or talented either. Dinner in 12 minutes or less that's healthy for you? Where do I sign?

Dropbox: Not incredibly earth shattering but if you're in the creative biz, Dropbox is your MVP. We are constantly shooting new content for clients and rebranding new websites. The Dropbox app on my phone allows me to pull images quickly for social media posting on the go. It's dreamy and the resolution is top notch.

Uber: I don't have a personal driver but it sort of feels like I do when I use this app. On-demand service with a simple swipe of my finger that allows me to continue working from the back seat vs. searching for a parking spot or paying extravagant garage fees. And hey, once you've had one cocktail...you shouldn't be driving home anyway, right?

What are your favorite apps for gettin' her done?

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