Closet staple: the camel coat


Recently I got a request from my IG fam to assist in scouting affordable and luxe camel coats. Always up for the challenge, I happily accepted the request because A. I love camel anything and B. the season is upon us. You’d be surprised how many amazing options are out there without breaking the bank. I was kind of astounded myself. Natch, my next thought was… “I need a camel coat!” But then I remembered that my husband would murder me so I chilled out and decided to help you all out instead. I am giving like that.

Behold! I have rounded up 20 FANTASTIC options for your viewing pleasure. A couple of luxe options, hello Anine Bing — my favorite, while the far majority is affordable for the masses. If you want my two cents, opt for the cocoon silhouette or big collars and lapels. Make it interesting. I strayed from toggles and outdoorsy versions because I wanted to give you dressier options. With respect to my selects, you can wear all of these styles with jeans and sneakers just as much as you can with trousers and heels.

Happy shopping! xo