6 ways to reinvigorate your spirit.


September really tested my endurance. On a professional level, we experienced a whole lot of change and while we navigated it all with grace, thanks to a rock solid team and tremendous problem solving skills, it left me really exhausted and unmotivated. September took the wind out of my sails and I did not feel like myself for over a month and a half.

If you know me, I refuse to be a quitter. I knew it was time to dig deep and remember why I started, what I was good at and most importantly, return to my roots and rediscover my drive. The good news is — it was and is always there. I just had to wipe away the cobwebs. Happy to report, the cobwebs are cleared and I feel like myself again. Truth is, I’ve been working for ages and I’ve owned this business for half a decade which means what worked years ago can’t and shouldn’t work now. Owning a company is about reinvention, taking risks and and turning old processes on their head. And that’s just what I did!

Here are six actionable tips to reinvigorate your spirit during a down moment:

  1. Start networking. Put yourself out there and ask people you admire to coffee or lunch. Get inspired…again.

  2. Write a daily task list. Checking off small, attainable items does the soul good.

  3. Hibernate a little. Lick your wounds and develop a game plan. It’s okay to feel all the emotions but the key is not to wallow but take your learnings and apply them towards a new game plan.

  4. Listen to podcasts. I dove head first into numerous podcasts that are about uplifting, entrepreneurs and how they overcame their struggles. Talk about motivation.

  5. Get disciplined. I now silence my phone for 1.5 hours each business day to complete the most imperative tasks. For me, that’s new business development. It works.

  6. This last one…it’s real. Decide that you are going to succeed and do it! I really believe in this. Success is a state of mind; it’s not luck. It’s not an accident. The minute I woke up one day and said, “Eff this, I am going to kill it because I’m really good at what I do,” …that day, I did kill it and every day after. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.

#6 is the most important lesson in climbing out of a rut. And if nothing else, put on some gangsta rap and handle it. Happy new week!