Bows + toes.

The start of many awesome weekends for the books. Sun makes all the difference, you know?

We kicked off the weekend with a date night that extended over to Saturday morning -- thank you grandparents! From there it was errand running, homemade pizzas, wine, friends and naps. Yesterday I shot a fun little feature at home...more on that later, though. 

Spring sort of reinvigorates my fashion sense. My creative spark is lit and I'm mixing and matching the old with the new. The rest goes on Poshmark

Recognize the backpack? It's in heavy rotation but you knew that, right?

Fully committed to more stripes and hot pink combos, too. I've always loved this t+j classic necklace and my coat was a new addition in January.

In other news, my kids have less than a month left of school. This was mind-blowing information for me. Really...where does time go? Time for pool passes!

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