This is a Friday dress. No muss, no fuss. And velvet is right on trend at the moment. Who knew?

No, I actually totally knew and have been hesitant to jump back onto the velvet train, however, when I saw this dress - it was a non-starter. Not too fitted but not too potato sack. Just right as Goldie Locks would say. It's equally as cute with my Stan Smiths but stay away from heels or you'll have a Pretty Woman moment. You almost need to dress it down due to the luxe texture and richness of velvet. 

Just think opposites. Sneaks, leather, a cool cuff...will help you look like you're not trying all that hard. Ironic because obviously I am always trying hard to keep up with the trends in a way that's suitable for my age. It's a vicious cycle I tell you. 

I've linked exact pieces below but definitely make it your own. OTK boots are a win/win. Throw a cute choker in the mix for a totally different look or better yet, liquid leggings on the colder days. Bottom line, there is so much versatility to this little number and the price is even better.

Shop it below and happy weekend!