Beauty 411: Spavia

Networking all these years has offered me wonderful friendships that have outlived any job I've had in the past. I suppose that's why I love it so much. When a very dear friend and former client reached out to me offering me the opportunity to tour and receive a treatment at Spavia Lincoln Park, I very gratefully accepted. It's almost as if she read my mind...or saw the tension in my shoulders. Whichever one comes first!

Spavia felt like home immediately. A wide array of skincare and mineral cosmetics to choose from with a pretty large service menu ranging from waxing to massage to facials. I indulged in the Vitamin C Facial which was divine. I think a testament to my relaxation came by way of a heavy snore midway through the arm massage. Embarrassed much? Yes, indeed...I really gotta work on my sleeping habits.

My esthetician spoke to me about my skincare needs and concerns and left me to change into my spa robe. She even asked me what music I prefer to listen to - fancy that! Upon re-entering the room I was treated from the chest up with various scrubs, masks, massages and serums. I'm truly a sucker for Vitamins C products. She told me my skin would look "refreshed" and more youthful. I'm always hard pressed to believe these statements but I'm telling you I did not apply one drop of makeup post-treatment. It was like instant rejuvenation!

I finished the treatment with a cool glass of water and a few moments in their calming relaxation lounge. Heated neck pillow included...gosh, I love those things! And don't think for one minute that their locker room is like any ordinary locker room. I had my very own locker, bath robe and slippers awaiting with giant mirrors and pampering amenities that allowed me to go back to work without feeling greasy or unkept.

What more do I need to say? Despite being in 7 states currently, Spavia is a big spa name with a boutique spa feel. Special thanks to the Spavia staff for giving this mom the star treatment!

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