Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.


And a Happy Tuesday to you! I feel like I am still recovering from the Super Bowl despite remaining completely sober. Is that possible? Maybe sleep is the answer. I have so much on my mind and some pretty tight deadlines. Am I already dreaming about next weekend? You betcha!

On another note, I have fallen hard for the teddy coat trend. What's not to love? It's like wearing a big hug. Some people are not jumping on but I am all in. I can't tell you how much I wear this coat not to mention the soft blush is exactly on brand for me these days. Total win!

I've linked my favorite denim, mules and my flamingo top as well below. Don't forget the earrings because the price is too good. And, the best can find them at Target! All in all, this week is shaping up just lovely and we're almost half way there. Stay warm my friends!

PS/ thank you for the feedback regarding the new site. I am still tweaking but I love your honesty!

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