Baby steps towards clean<er> beauty.


I will wholeheartedly admit that I am lover of all beauty products. It really doesn’t matter what kind or from where. I will shop at a drugstore as much as I will shop online or at a high end department store. The fact is, I LOVE beauty.


I pay attention to trends and try to discern what makes sense for me. That comes with fashion, too. I would be remiss not to mention that this whole “clean beauty” movement didn't seem like something for me but I am starting to listen. A bit of a hot topic and it also feels a bit hypocritical for me given I love BOTOX and fillers but I digress…


I have now concluded that taking baby steps towards a cleaner beauty regime is perfectly acceptable. It’s not mandatory that I go all in. And I happen to have a college buddy nearby who convinced me to give it a shot as she is an ambassador for Beautycounter. She’s also a ton of fun so that helps! I mean…just sayin’!


So what did I love? You know my motto…lips first! Their Color Intense Lipstick really takes the cake. The color I chose is Twilight and I apply it once the entire day. It’s that good and it withstood multiple beverages and a lunch.

I’m not sure what I expected from clean beauty but I can tell you that longevity and super pigmented, color rich hues were not one of them. Boy, was I wrong!


Let’s talk charcoal. Charcoal cleansing bars, that is! My skin has been so clogged with toxins, dirt and grime and this handy little bar suds up perfectly and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean which is a quality that I prize in my skincare. This cleanser is ideal for oily skin, too!

What happens after? Well typically I pass out on the couch working so why not let your skin do some repairing while you catch some shut eye? That’s what this Overnight Resurfacing Peel does; some serious muscle for my 40 year old skin. You know something is working when you feel a slight tingle — my unprofessional insight, here. I apply two drops of this after I cleanse, wait for the tingle and then apply the Rejuvenating Night Cream which is essentially just a nice, ultra absorbing moisturizer.

Alternatively, I love this cleanser, too. It has a light lather, zero scent and leaves your skin feeling moisturized without the drying effect.

So…am I ditching everything to go clean? I won’t be but that doesn’t mean that I won’t become a repeat buyer of the above products because I really do love them. They are safe, clean, pure ingredients and most of all effective. I really doubted that clean products would be effective or pigmented enough but my assumption was simply false. They are every bit as rich as the previous luxury brands I’ve used. <note: I tested each product for a 30-day period>

One small step for Johanna…one baby step to safer skincare!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these items for you or for gift giving, follow this link!