Aprés ski.


You’ve probably gathered that I caught a strong gust of inspiration while traveling to Aspen. Probably needed as my blog has taken a back seat to work during the months of January and February. But, sometimes you need to do that. There are only 24 hours in one day and I need to sleep at least one of them! 

 So, about that ski life. It requires a totally different wardrobe. I could easily adapt, ditch the heels and pencil skirts and spend a fortune on sweat pants, goggles, ski jackets and more. There is such cool gear out there and man, is it expensive. Still, this investment is something you wear forever...unless you lose or gain massive amounts of weight, which, I hope is not the case for anyone!

When I went to visit my friend, Corri and her sweet family, I decided to invest in some pieces because my last ski jacket was from Abercrombie + Fitch. Yes, you can roll your eyes. I know. With about 72 hours to go before we boarded our plane, I jumped on Amazon and shipped it all to her house.

PRO TIP: Ship the bulky stuff so that you can travel relatively easy and not have to pay hefty luggage fees. With easy returns, anything you don’t keep can be shipped back for free if you shop Amazon or Asos. I just printed labels from my friend’s home office.

Realisitically, we aren’t competing in the Olympics so I chose cute, affordable and well reviewed pieces for both myself and the girls. Below is a handy boutique of our ski gear and I would highly recommend each piece. There was not one item that I was disappointed in.

Happy shopping! xo