Accessorizing your work life.

Just like anything in life, an organized home office leads to a more productive Johanna. I can say this having worked from home over the last 12 years. The brighter, more vibrant my work accessories are...the happier I am. Dare I say that I am more efficient with colorful pens, notebooks and coasters?! 

The fact is, working from home can feel somewhat like an isolated island. That's why it's important for me to have fun in the process and most importantly, stay inspired. Colors do me good! Especially now that I've started my own brand.

A happy desk = a happy Johanna. 

Everyday is different with my job. Some days require back-to-back-to-back conference calls and lattes for lunch. Other days require heels and dresses. 

I can tell you that I always enjoy returning back to my little space. I find solace in staying organized and developing a daily game plan and I think that really has been the key to my success over the years. 

Well, that...and cute coasters for my very expensive java habit.

Ok and one more thing...making sure my phone is adorned in the cutest case ever because it's pretty much an appendage at this point.

Hi. My name is Johanna. I've been addicted to social media for eight years. (cue the group: "welcome Johanna")

The other must-have necessity if you're gonna make the transition to work from home: fashionable ear buds. Because even I can hear my toddlers despite the two doors that separate us. Everyone needs a moment to get outside of their own head.

I dare you to argue that these ear buds wouldn't make jamming out a heck of a lot cooler?!

What makes you more productive? 

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