A perfect mess.


There's something about a crisp, cold morning that I really love. I think it makes coffee taste that much better. Just a theory I have. By noon, the sun has burned off and what you get is the perfect Fall day that does not necessitate a jacket. My favorite!

We spent this past weekend soaked from the rain which led us to retreat indoors for pajamas and home projects that have been piling up. We cooked, we cleaned - we were productive. It's one of the reasons why I've always loved rainy days despite the population's abysmal groan. I love a cozy day. It really set the tone for a new week and we have leftovers. So, hi-5's all around!

I've had the denim I am wearing for several years now because I love an unfinished hem. You guys know how I feel about a classic, white shirt, too. Stock up...mine is from J.Jill and it washes like a dream. Pop on some statement heels and a strong lip and what you have is a badass babe ensemble. You're ready to take on the world. Or at least Tuesday!

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