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She's 8!

Previous years didn’t affect me as much as this birthday. Not sure why. Eight might as well be ten as far as I’m concerned. She just doesn’t feel like a little girl anymore and while it’s wonderful to see her grow and I couldn’t be more proud…gosh, I am not ready to let go of that little baby. This is a sentimental birthday for me. Missing teeth and all.

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Get in the holiday spirit with these 7 destinations!

I just love the magic of the final two months of the year. The uplifted moods, the music, the twinkle and the excuse to majorly blow off any diet I may have been on. You only live once, right?

Well, I have the great fortune with this blogging hobby to get first glimpses at some of the most unique venues, experiences and events and I kinda feel like it’s my job to share the good cheer so you can enjoy them with your favorite gal pals or family, too. Whatdyasay?

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SelfMade Speed Round - Cindy Kaiser

Can you handle this jewelry? I attended an event in August and was introduced to La Kaiser by their wholesale rep and it was all I could do not to snatch up the entire collection and stick it in my purse. Dainty jewelry lovers rejoice because La Kaiser is a goldmine of approachable jewels for your everyday wear. They even introduced a line of fine pieces to include engagement and wedding bands. It is utterly swoon worthy!

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Celebrating friendship with 12 Friends.

Sometimes we need a second to celebrate the ordinary, everyday moments. You know, like hi-5'ing yourself for waking up and getting dressed. Or is that just me? In all seriousness, I often have these fleeting moments of gratitude and I think to can I express this in a thoughtful way to the people who matter most?

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