101's Hidden Gems: Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique

Sometimes I wonder why I don't do things like weekly blow outs and makeovers more often. Then I remember it's because I have zero time to myself as I perch upon my bathroom vanity squeezing the life out of my used up eye cream...praying for an overnight miracle. 

Truth is, we should do more for ourselves. If that means getting your nails done weekly or your makeup done professionally for a special date night - well darn it, I think you should do it. Women run around caring for their husbands, kids, neighbors, ailing parents and just about everyone under the sun including the mail man. Frankly, it's nice to have someone give you the VIP treatment.

Which brings me to my next topic. The VIP treatment is at Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique which also happens to be today's 101's Hidden Gem destination!


This little nook is where I sat and sipped water packed with electrolytes as Leah and I chatted one rainy morning last week. I was her first client and she was giving me a makeover for a special photo shoot. Honestly, I could have sat in this corner all day and sipped tea. Leah is that personable and just so happens to be one of my old clients from my previous job. She is a dear and will immediately feel like one of your best girlfriends. In fact, if you look up "down-to-earth" in Webster's, I am pretty sure her picture is under it.

I'm confident my words were anything but articulate as I waited for my morning coffee to kick in muttering something about how my kids were sick and I hadn't slept the night before. Never even phased her. Didn't phase me either as I knew I was in the hands of a professional. She referenced skin tightening and I just nodded and gazed off. I mean, anything would be an improvement at this point.

Thing is, she won't BS you. She did acknowledge that I had a little dark circle action happening however she lightly layered concealer and powder under my eyes using her own mineral makeup line - Leah Chavie Mineral Makeup. (launched this year) It's featherweight texture and pigmentation was gorgeous. I liked it better than some of the more expensive brands that currently slide around in the bottom of my makeup drawer.

The other thing I really loved about this appointment with Leah is that I had 100% of her attention as we sat in her VIP boutique which happens to be directly across from her spa. The intimacy is not something you would normally encounter at a department store counter nor a day spa. It's just you and Leah...1:1.

The end result was such a transition even my kids had to take a second glance when I walked in the door. Yes, there was a time when even I looked less haggard on a regular basis. Despite my decision to get the professional treatment simply because of the day's photo shoot; I'm really glad I did it. Leah provides a bevy of skincare services including but not limited to peels, laser treatments, facials, waxing and so much more. 

Dare I say I felt less like a working mom and just a tad more confident, more poised that day? Yes...yes I did.

Special thanks to Leah for the amazing "VIP" treatment! xo

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