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SelfMade Speed Round - Krista Trpkovski

I met Krista only recently and was immediately struck with how warm she was. Little did I know that she was the force behind Imperfect Grace which has been a social media profile I had been admiring, specifically on Instagram, for the last year. Her elegant, dainty jewelry designs are ideal for the urban momma on the go. Unique and minimalist with a touch of rock star. My kinda profile.

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SelfMade Speed Round - Melanie Kahn

Melanie is the Queen of Lemonade. Her eponymous, mouth-puckering lemonade can be found amongst the shelves of specialty grocers as well as Jewel and soon, Mariano's. From a consumer standpoint, our family cannot.get.enough of this delicious beverage. Comprised of aronia berries and low on sugar, it makes for the perfect beverage for your babes and for the adults...try it with vodka or bubbles!

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SelfMade Speed Round - Jacqueline Marie

If there was such a thing as being a "Jane of all trades" than I think Jacqueline has cornered the market. She's got style, <obvi> beauty, brains and an impeccable sense for creating environments that evoke a mood, an emotion and a sense of calm. FT interior stylist by day and weekend lifestyle blogger by night. Now that's what I call the best way possible! Take a read to learn more about this Windy City interiors maven...

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Career: How to prep for a TV segment. <11 tips>

One of the things you asked for when I polled my Instagram audience was more career how-to's and advice in 2018. Ask and you shall receive!

I just wrapped up my first television appearance of the year. With any luck, I will be doing more to help promote my company, Oak Street Social. TV can be exciting and an adrenaline rush but it can also be nerve-racking and stressful. Does it have to be? The answer is no! 

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SelfMade Speed Round - Bridget Daley

Welcome to my newly rebranded entrepreneurial series. You may remember Fearless Friday from the past but this is the 2018 reimagined version. I brought it back for many reasons but the primary reason was because of YOU. You guys loved this series! I took a break because I recall it being a lot of work to conduct interviews and beyond. So, instead, I took my own advice and worked smarter, not harder.

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How much growth can you handle?

Today I do not feel like I want to post about fashion. Today is one of those Truth Tuesday posts. I've been reflecting quite a bit about all the change 2017 has brought. Some of it has been pretty fabulous while others have been quite stressful. With only two months to go, I can safely say that 2017 was not one of my favorite years and the word on the street is that many people feel the same. 2017 was a year of change. 

And 2018...if you're better bring it!

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Mimosa anyone?

What are you doing this Sunday, 7/30? Nothing...that's what I thought. Perhaps nursing a little wine hangover whilst trying to figure out whether you're up for making the kids scrambled eggs or packing the crew up for brunch? I know the drill and I'll do ya one better. Do NEITHER.

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