Easter best.

We just returned from a long weekend getaway. It was pretty awesome so see the girls, now older, enjoy sleepovers in their own room, water park slides and roaming the hotel sans stroller. Every year it gets a little bit more fun and a little less complicated. Different challenges of course but overall, more fun as they mature.

Our Easter highlights included a trip up from my parents for brunch and copious jelly beans. The kind of stuff you expect on Easter. That said, my personal highlight was breaking out this skirt again...seems so perfect for the pastel holiday.

I tried to keep it simple and let the sequin polka dots steal the show paired with a fun, minty statement necklace, also from t+j designs.

Never mind my hideously chipping manicure...#momproblems.

Wrangling these two to get an Easter photo is like herding monkeys. As a result my shoulders are hunched, one is squinting and one is walking away. This is a typical scene. BUT! Everyone's dresses are in tact and no stains thus far! That, my friends, is an accomplishment!

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