The pair of jeans you need to purchase...stat!

Photography by Cleodine Photography

Let's talk about denim today. A controversial topic for most women. We all have our favorites. We've all spent a pretty penny on designer denim. We're all confused - wide leg or skinnies? Today, I'm going to let you know in on a little secret which was passed down to me from my oh-so-stylish friend...

Here's the deal. Keep your designer denim. There's some great brands out there. But do yourself a favor and buy a pair of these super stretch jeggings as sported by moi. This is the first time in years I've been "wow'ed" by a pair of jeans. 

I've worn this pair 5x's in a row without a wash {you raising your eyebrows? fair.} and they still have their shape. No saggy knees. No gaping tush exposure. I've been getting compliments galore on them, too! They have a gargantuan amount of spandex in them which also means no calisthenics in the morning. And yes, they fit true to size!

This isn't a sponsored post, either. This is me proclaiming my love for a $49 pair of jeans. I recommend shopping in-store because the deals are stronger. I got mine on Black Friday for $26! 

Looks like I will be buying them in every rinse known to man. Get some!

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