Weekly Wrap Up + Links

Here's what happened in my world this week:
  1. My dashing husband at a weekend wedding.
  2. Liv and I rode the Polar Express and had lunch with Santa.
  3. Tippie the Elf {on a shelf} has been causing a lot of trouble at our house.
  4. Cobalt checkerboard trousers make me happy.
  5. Lola has the cutest set of pig tails this side of the Mississippi!

Here are some cool things that happened in the rest of the world:
  1. Seriously...shut up. I've had enough.
  2. The most expensive and popular NYC tshirt.
  3. I love lips and when it comes to art = sold!
  4. Great tips on taking your best photo.
  5. A wonderful post on pleasing people which turns out, is kinda overrated.