Spanglish Friday.

I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I am officially using this as my slogan for this week. It's Friday...! I didn't have a bad week - not by any stretch but it was busy so Friday is always a welcome release and this just seemed so fitting. The best part? Not a plan in sight for the weekend. We all need to get healthy in these parts and give our New Year's colds the boot. That and I am ready to tackle some house projects which include but are not limited to Olivia's room. {finally, poor girl}

Have a fab one!

PS - for those of you that left comments regarding yesterday's post...thank you. I enjoyed reading them and having a mature convo with my readers. It's nice to read honest comments and hear different perspectives. I really appreciate your insight. And most of all, you challenged me on the topic which I love. xo

Lovely links:
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