Round table: Do working moms miss out?

I don't think this debate will ever be put to bed so I'm curious to hear your perspective. In the last four months, four of my friends had babies. Two of them work and two stay at home with their babes. All four women went to a big university and one even attended law school. Guess which one is a stay-at-home-mom? Yep, the lawyer.

There are a couple schools of thought on the subject and a large generational crevice {I say "crevice" because "gap" implies that there is a small difference in opinion} regarding what makes a "good mom." The fact of the matter is, raising a family nowadays is a huge cost; especially if you want to enjoy some of the finer things in life like a nice vacation or weekly dinners out. And that costliness of raising a family does not discriminate no matter if you're a family of four or a family of eight!

Obviously you know my take and that I am a working mom but that suits me. I have a huge sense of pride when I can contribute {big or small} to our family's financial well-being. And I like to make my own money. That's just me though and I don't believe there is a right or a wrong. I mean that when I say that. Society? Well, that's a different story.

I often hear people say that working moms miss the big milestones in their children's lives. That's simply not true. And while I have a plush set-up being that I work from home the majority of the time...I still work. In fact, I had one person tell me that they understand why I work. Their theory, and you'll love this - reportedly..."you wanted kids but you don't want to deal with them day in, day out." If you know me by now, I am sure you can picture my face at such an arbitrary assumption.

And then we have theories...does a working mom make a better mom because she knows her limits and can join her family and be 100% in when her work is completed? Does a SAHM make a better mom because she hears every first word, sees every first step, kisses every boo boo?

Like I said, I share one perspective and I don't think mine is the end all, be all but I am curious what you think. Especially after this article hit in about buzz!!

Are you a working mom or a SAHM?
What do you envision yourself doing?

I'd love to hear...