Beauty Regime - your 20's

Beauty Regime

Let's face it - many of us took our skin for granted in our 20's. Maybe you currently are and if that is the case...this bud's for you.

NEVER take advantage of your skin no matter if you've imbibed too much or you're just plain tired. It's your largest organ and it's the first thing that ages you or rather, that people notice. And while I was nowhere near perfect in my 20' are some products I used and some I wished I used more diligently. It may seem like a lot but trust me...the moment you turn 30 your skin loses all elasticity and becomes parched so listen to mama!

  1. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum: It does what it says it does. Look at it as your best friend when you've partied too hard. Helps you look a little brighter, a littler tighter and much more rested.
  2. Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask: Remember all those martinis you drank? Yeah, your skin is thirsty...quench it with a super penetrating mask. It will drink in and hold the moisture.
  3. Kiehls' Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion: I wish I started using toner sooner. Honestly. If you have oily skin - get real familiar with the Kiehls line. This stuff works and your pores are going to appear smaller and tighter over time.
  4. Forever 21 Rice Moisture Facial Mask: It can be any mask really but masks are your friend. They will shrink pores and this one is pre-moistened so you can use it on the go!
  5. Kiehls Oil-Free Moisturizer: Are we sensing a trend? I cannot say enough about this line. I slather it on at night and day and I never feel greasy. Just because your skin is oily does NOT mean you should stay away from moisturizer. Quite the opposite!
  6. Prevage Anti-Aging Cream with SPF 15: This is one of those products I should have started using sooner. The under eye area is so delicate and the biggest candidate to show your age. Read: wrinkles. You are never too young to start using eye cream. And you won't see overnight success but trust that over time it will be that much better! {and tighter}
  7. Burt's Beeswax Lip Balm: It's a cult favorite and you can buy tinted versions, too. I like it because it smells great and it's all natural made of coconut and sunflower oils. I have one in every pocket. Lips need love, too. Especially if you plan on kissing a lot of boys at clubs.
  8. Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash: It smells great with just a hint of rose and it foams. Kinda a big deal on my priority list when it comes to facial cleansers. Removes all your makeup and dirt and just gives you an overall glow.
  9. Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Cleanser: This is my go-to when I need a cleanser that packs a punch and I am broken out due to stress, lack of sleep, water or D. all of the above. It has salicylic acid which combats those nasty pimples without being overly harsh or drying. 
There you have it! A laundry list for your skin. And please, do yourself a favor - 2 liters of water everyday. No more pop! xo