Her name was Lola...she was a show girl...

 All photos courtesy D. Marie Photography

You may remember the awesome newborn photo shoot that Olivia had last year. Well, it was time for Lola to strike a pose. I have to say...the photographer had some pretty fabulous props. I kinda wanted to steal all the headbands. We plan on doing some Fall family pics in the future, too. Because when you move to the suburbs...clearly you need a cheesy family photo for your Christmas card so that you can annoy the crap out of all your single, childless friends. They love that. Kidding. In all honesty, I need to make more of an effort to capture photos and actually display them in our home. Is there a cheaper way to make your home more cozy? I think not.

So! If you're in the neighborhood and want to capture your littles or your fam or even your big day in that white dress - D. Marie is a great vendor to work with!!

P.S. My Lola is super cute, huh? Yes, I just wrote that.