Wave your freak flag Friday!

Leaves on the ground and all...I'm quite pleased with the change of weather. ...and I may or may not be outfitting our home with one-too-many pumpkins. And skull garland. And glittery skulls with flashing eyes. And rubber mice. {Michael's be damned!} Rumor has it that my October antics border on overload.

But what good is a holiday or a season if you can't indulge? And by indulge I completely mean eating a bag of Halloween candy before October 5. Or baking pumpkin bread and grazing on it before dinner.

Or throwing on a sweater just in case the temps dip into the 50's when you know full well the high that day is going to be 65.

There's nothing wrong with it I say! And because I'm a firm believer of life being all about the little things...

Source: etsy.com via Johanna on Pinterest

...get inspired! Read a great book, flip through a magazine, drink hot cider {had my first cup last night}, bake something, make something but totally abandon your cool inner self for something geeky. I dare ya. No one's watching and if they were - I'd wave my freak flag and hang some more of that skull garland while eating my 13th Reese's peanut butter cup. It's that fun.

Cheers to the weekend!