Field trip!

Sorry for the photo-bomb post but we really had an awesome field trip yesterday. We went here which is a magical land of Fall and pumpkins and animals and kettle corn and apple cider. And it was the coolest.

**true story**
Olivia got so excited when we entered the tent with the ox and cows {she's really into animals these days} that she started screaming and threw up in our nanny friend's hand which she so instinctively placed under her mouth by some act of God. Immediately I felt flustered to grab a burp cloth but I also felt a sense of hysterics because the whole scene was pure comedy. And Olivia? Oh yeah, she was fine. Once we cleaned her up she went on with all her animal sounds. Poor nanny friend. And Lola? Slept through the whole thing.

If you're feeling Fall-y and you find yourself craving some scrumptious Fall goodies...go to Goebberts! Think honey crisp apples, fresh garden tomatoes, apple cider, kettle corn, cinnamon apple donuts, taffy apples and more.

...and yes, the pumpkins are THAT orange! Happy Fall!