Happy Anniversary Husband - Friday!

{circa 2010}
Here we are! Another weekend with a built-in date night. I'm afraid this could be the last until a certain someone shows up! This weekend the hubs and I celebrate our second anniversary. The irony...I'm pregnant, again. Two babies in two years. I think we REALLY plan to take it easy and stop the cycle from here on out. At least my birth control prescription says so. TMI? Sorry! We couldn't be more excited to treat ourselves to a special dinner here!

In other news, the kitchen was completely gutted this week and we relocated to my parents with our busy toddler. Gosh, you gotta pack a lotta stuff! Still, it's gonna be worth it and I'll have some before, in-between and after pics to share with you next week.

...and to my husband - Happy Anniversary babe, I love you!

...and a funny Pinterest quote I saw this week: