It takes two, baby. 2 years!

I don't need to emphasize what a rare commodity "date night" is. Right? Right! Well, on Saturday, we got out to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. We started out with cocktails at Ing and let me just tell you...they make a mean pregnancy mocktail! After two fruity concoctions for me and a couple glasses of wine for the mister; the sommelier walked us over to our dinner at their sister restaurant, Moto

{Very aware how "full" my face has become. I blame baby girl}

I really can't begin to put this dining experience into words. I don't think I could do it justice. I was awestruck, surprised, delighted and overall, blown away. We laughed hard, ate well and patted our bellies on the way out. And then this happened...and my night was complete. Read: school girl excited! 

Looking forward to our anniversary dinner  tonite. Woot!
  I hope u are enjoying your meal so far , ask for a tour of the kitchen at the end of you meal

14 courses and one edible zen garden. Do you see the artistry in this course? I marvel at anything miniature.

Yep, those are corn waffle cones filled with warm lobster and pureed corn. Brilliant!

No words. Venison, pea puree, blueberries and morel mushrooms. All edible minus the log.

Not your mama's espresso. Coconut sugar cubes. Espresso gel with a layer of pumpkin bread beneath soaking up the goodness.

A special course designed for me since I could not partake in the bourbon course. Liquid nitrogen cereal with blueberries. I look uncertain but let me just tell was the best cereal I've ever eaten!

Reverse tasting/aromatic experience. Two leather gloves complete with a little liquid nitrogen for effect. The have to go and experience for yourself because I don't want to spoil it. 

And the final course...a crackling balloon filled with liquid nitrogen for a very special occasion. 

The creativity that went into this menu is unlike anything I've ever seen. My dad asked if I'd go back and my answer was a resounding "YES!" Check out this video - it's worth the watch!

Thanks Moto; you made our celebration an unforgettable one!