What's in a name?

We're realizing that the birth of Dos is coming a lot quicker these days. With a nursery in full swing and a growing  huge belly...it's overwhelming and exciting to picture us as a family of four.

And despite this being my second pregnancy...the name question comes up quite a bit. From everyone. This time around we opted to keep it a secret. You could say we learned the hard way...and garnering 45 different opinions of what we should name our child just doesn't sound appealing to us. But fear not,  we have one and it's a good one. And I quite like the pairing of Dos' name with Olivia's. The two "G" sisters. They'll be the two best friends that anyone could have.

I think what's made it somewhat amusing is how "pretend" hurt our families have acted at us keeping the  moniker under wraps. It's quite dramatic and you could say they were a bit surprised. Some are unrelenting. All in good fun but we vowed not to crack.

Did you spill the beans on your babe's name? Or do you plan to once preggers?