5 Summer Essentials: featuring Diane of A Spot of Whimsy

Morning! Today's 5 Summer Essentials originates from Diane's thoughtful blog...A Spot of Whimsy. Admittedly I've been following her for quite some time and developed a girl crush on her. I like a blogger that is self-aware and appreciates the little things in life. And it's quite often that her blog makes me smile. Something tells me we could be great friends. She's got a soft spot for romance, flirty style and finding the beauty in everything. And, that to me, are the hallmarks of a blog worth visiting on the frequent. Meet Diane!

hello, dearest 101 things i love readers!  i'm diane of a spot of whimsy, and i'm honored to be here today to share with you my 5 summer essentials!

{polyvore set here}

so i couldn't pick just 5, so i placed them into categories:

1.  i think i look terrible in hats, but have always wanted a wide-brim sun hat to save my flawless complexion (i kid, i kid!).  luckily, my bf's mom surprised me with one for my birthday this year that looks far more fabulous than anything i've ever tried on!  and i practically live in my chanel sunglasses from may-september.   they were a gift 5 years ago -  it was a good one!

2.  i have a thing for trying new cocktail recipes, especially in summer with fresh ingredients so available.  in fact, come say hi on a spot of whimsy tomorrow - i'll be posting a recent experiment of mine!

3.  the accessories: coppertone oil free sunscreen has been my go-to since i discovered it in high school when acne was a bigger part of my life (blech, puberty).  now i just love how quickly it soaks in and feels on my skin - no grease, no weird milky film; i always go for pink or coral nails in the summer.  some favorites: opi's too hot pink to hold em and cozumelted in the sun, and essie's peach daiquiri.  and finally, the kindle (or in my case, ipad for kindle, as i didn't want to buy another device) for lots of great beach reads.

4.  i despise putting on heels in the summer time, so gold sandals are my way to still look "dressy" without them.  and sperry's - what would i do without boat shoes?!  i could write an ode to boat shoes.  boat shoes, boat shoes, boat shoes, i love you (ok, that's not very good).

5.  my lillyslilly pulitzer dresses, that is.  i'm obsessed with her classic shifts in particular, like this year's adelson.  so easy to slip on, comfy, and the looser, straight fit keeps you as cool as possible on a hot summer day. 

thanks for letting me share with you today - i hope you found some items for your own essentials list!

xo. di.

Thanks Diane! I love the Lilly sundress and now I'm dying to see what you concocted in your cocktail recipe post tomorrow. You can also find Diane on Twitter, too! xo