Chill Friday!

I won't drone on about the temps we've been having because pretty much everyone else has be it through Facebook or Twitter. Instead...I'll leave you with this image as you kick off your weekend because that's all you see in my office garbage can - popsicle sticks! Truly, it's hilarious! And don't they just hit the spot as the perfect summer treat? 

On the baby front, Dos finally turned around. She was sideways. Which was incredibly comfortable as you can imagine. And at this time in my pregnancy with Olivia - I was delivering! My doc hi-5'ed me for making it thus far which felt pretty good. 

On that note, I suppose this weekend calls for packing an official hospital bag. Kind of crazy! We'll be fixin' up the nursery a bit, visiting with friends and drum roll...waiting on the arrival of our new couch which happens to be quite grown up in comparison to past couches. 

It's exciting stuff, I tell ya. Hope your weekend is chill and full of icy treats! xo

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Source: via Johanna on Pinterest