A dining room face lift.

image courtesy Habitually Chic via Caribbean Living

image courtesy Plum Siena via Caribbean Living
Here's your first glimpse into our new digs. And while there is a surplus of projects I'd like to tackle; we've limited ourselves to the common areas for the remainder of the year...in other words, the rooms that people will see or spend the most time in initially.

We inherited this gorgeous dining room set from my parents. As a kid, I remember it in our old house and thinking that I really loved it. Specifically the color of the wood and the shape of the legs on the table. Turns out I knew a good thing when I saw it because I still love it.

The above two photos are a huge inspiration for me in terms of our dining room face lift. I want to reupholster the chairs to a sophisticated ikat print. And I know it's on the way out but I can't help it...I simply adore the print.

I picture a big mirror on the opposing wall with some sort of amazing credenza to store our china. Window treatments are a big TBD because I feel like I need a focal point and that for me, is the chairs. Everything else should come into place after the face lift in which case I think a neutral curtain would be ideal so as not to steal the show.

Oh! And you know that ugly, blue carpet all over the house that you've seen in pictures past? Every room was covered in it, including this one, so the dark, wood floors were the first step in our renovation efforts. An investment for sure, but I can't stress enough what a difference this makes.

What do you think? Any ideas, comments, sources worth sharing?
We're holding out on hanging art until we get a handle on additional furnishings.

I'd love to hear your thoughts because you all are so talented with interiors!!