Closing Friday!

Today we close on our new house! Wow...didn't think I'd ever say that. It's been an eventful two months, no? Between baby girl news, selling, packing and buying...let's just say I am looking forward to May. And today, of course!

Saturday we start ripping out carpet and replacing the floors and there's even a new kitchen in the works. I'd love to have you all over. As long as you are okay with sitting on the floor because we'll have no furniture! It even has a front AND backyard. Imagine that! We may never be in the same room ever again.

I am told that my once "office" will now become husband's dude room since we're having another girl. I guess that's fair because I'd need a place to escape, too if I was outnumbered. Ahhh...the possibilities.

Enjoy your weekend!

Source: via Johanna on Pinterest