Litany of Love

Today's Litany of Love is all things PIPERLIME. I always forget about this website and maybe that's a good thing...until today. Enjoy!

  1. Yes,'ve perfected the wedge.
  2. Hot damn! It's a tie.
  3. Ya know Ivanka's shoes are scooching up my wish list. Rose gold - hello!
  4. Rachel picked this sweet dress. Who am I to disagree?
  5. Stripe fanatics: buy this!
  6. Olivia needs these so she can match Dad.
  7. This is a really cute, affordable accent bag for the Summer.
  8. And here's her big sister...Miss Not-So-Affordable!
  9. A Summer tank you'll get a ton of mileage out of and under $100!
  10. This is a conversation starter and adds a little wrist bling to your arm. Love!