Italian badger. Who knew?

Makeup brushes. I never paid close attention to them. I bought the cheapies and got by never giving it a second thought that splurging on a brush could make a difference in the overall outcome. {dumb, right?} I put them into the same category as work out gear. A necessity but something I didn't want to realllly spend money on.

Enter the trade show I spoke of here and here. My coworker is a bonafide make up artist and sold me on the fact that I cannot continue to use the brand of brushes I had been using. Let me tell you, this girl can sell ice to an Eskimo. And so, she dragged me kicking and screaming to the Morphe Brushes booth. The amazing thing about trade shows are the prices. You can purchase everything from hair products to color cosmetics at cost so what would typically be a $12 - $20 product retails for $4 during the show. And on the last day, vendors typically discount their products by 50% off!

Apparently I had been missing the boat with my synthetic brush collection. No shocker there. Maria convinced me that Italian Badger brushes where the way to go? See here. Why Italian Badger? One adjective: soft. The brushes have a high gloss finish and makeup simply glides on your face. No harsh application or raw feeling after. In fact, you can use less make up for coverage. Win-win!

Trust me when I say, I did not lose sleep over my brushes in the past. They were a means to an end. Now, forgettabout it - Italian Badger or BUST. Do yourself a favor and check out their website!!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest