This was our last day in Copacabana. Always a melancholy day...the final day of any trip you've been waiting to go on for what seems like ages. But first, let's not forget some of the highlights -- in random order:
  • Baby really likes empanadas. This was the first time husband got to feel some major ninja kicks consecutive days in a row.
  • I partied...hard. Like I stayed out until 2am some nights. {I know...impressive}
  • I now understand the infatuation with frozen yogurt because I ate it the last 3 days in a row.
  • Beach days...lots of 'em; filled with sandy bathing suits and flip flop blisters = success.
  • Old and new friends. We made them. We started out as a group of friends and acquaintances but left as a family who had been through some seriously, hilarious debacles.
  • Portuguese. This is a tough language but I now know how to say "bathroom" "thank you" "hello" and "darn it".
  • Sunburn. Didn't get any! {aren't you proud Mom?}
  • Awesome sandals and flip flops...3 new pairs. Can I get a HI-5?
  • Sleeping in. We did it and it was awesome.
  • Reading two new books: Keith Richards' autobiography and "One Day".
  • Tan hands. The true hallmarks of a successful trip anywhere.