Not-so-speedy delivery

This...this guy really got the short end of the stick during the first part of our vaca. Husband's luggage never arrived. Never. Mine took 48 hours and that was sheer torture despite the short shopping spree that ensued. But back to husband. Somewhere a Brazilian is wearing rich, chocolate loafers, striped draw-string pants and some lovely linen shirts. I hope he remembers to take the tags off his new, Nordstrom bathing trunks, too.

These...these guys were the most comfortable Nikes I've ever owned. These sneaks were stolen out of my luggage in Sao Paulo. I suppose I should be mad/sad but when compared to husband's suitcase mishap...I really shouldn't complain at all. No.... It was still a great trip but you should know that this happened. And so did some other adventures that I will share with you later this week. One word: adventure.