Can we talk?

Spring gets my fashion motor running only this Spring, things are a little different...proportionally for me. I feel like Topshop is toying with my emotions thus I wanted to list my favorite, new finds and then I want someone to go buy them and send me a picture of how they styled it. Yeah...that would make me feel better. You guys ok with that?
Petite Yellow Sun Spot Pussybow Blouse

Woven Tassle Wedges by Unique**

Cream Lace Panel Dress

SUGAR Camel Patent Mary Jane Platform Shoes

Rose Seventies Wide Leg Trousers

Knotted Bandeau Dress by Rare Opulence**
All found here!

In other news, people have been telling me to kiss my high heels good-bye from now to eternity because moms don't wear heels. You know what I think? I think that's a bunch of hooey. the halfway mark...I get safety over trend. But when this small lilliputian decides to make an appearance; all bets are off. And since we are on the subject, no...I refuse to get a minivan. And yes, I will consider the suburbs but you aren't going to sell me on the features of minivans and how easy access they are for the kids. {no offense minivan owners} You have my word.

This blog post is dedicated to a super, hip stylin' mama who never succumbed to how moms are supposed to look or dress. My hero, CB.